KPIT CSR Initiative - Mild - Concenterated Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Mild-concentrated solar Photovoltaic technology
As we all know, India is heavily dependent on other countries for the crude oil-related energy resources. Hence, in order to be self-reliant in energy terms, we need to substantially increase our usage of renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind and biodiesel. Solar being the most abundant and also technologically advanced energy source amongst these, the Indian government has announced for reaching 100GW solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation by 2022.

Most of the solar panels available today are made of poly- or mono-crystalline silicon wafers. Silicon wafers fabrication process is extremely capital intensive and this is why we do not have even a single manufacturing unit of Silicon wafers in India. Hence India has been completely dependent on China and other countries for the import of these wafers as they are available at low cost and thus are affordable.

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