Conservation of Private Forest

Conservation of Private Forests
Conservation of Private Forests in Koyna-Chandoli Corridor
An attempt to save and restore our natural heritage - Forests
The Background

In 2012 Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) completed a study on the current status, distribution and dynamics of the Private Forests at Maharashtra Western Ghats. The study showed that the private forests at the Western Ghats needed immediate conservation efforts. At present large number of private forests are being clear-felled for their sale as firewood, which is an unsustainable management practice. Due to this, the vegetation cover on the private forests is vanishing rapidly. 

The Initiative

KPIT, as a socially responsible organization, has taken up to the task of restoring forests, to bring back some semblance in the forested environment. In Maharashtra, the Koyna - Chandoli corridor has been a host of KPIT’s afforestation efforts. Following up with previous year’s efforts, KPIT inclined its’ afforestation labour with the monsoon, ensuring 2500 more saplings were planted, aggregating with 7500 previously planted with an overall survival rate of 80 percent.

In association with WRCS, we carried out the reforestation of 75 acres of private land of Koyna-Chandoli corridor. KPIT joined hands with WRCS for sustainable management of private forests centered on scientific forestry.  To meet this objective, 20 trips were organized and over 160 employees participated in activities like seed collection and sowing, watering the plants and grass clearing. KPITes also engaged in vegetation assessment followed by cleaning of grass, mulching of plants, and plantation.

Plantation and re-vegetation was carried out for establishing vegetation cover
Vegetation assessment and progress monitoring of project interventions was successfully carried out
Extension program was organised for informing local community about sustainable forest management
Afforestation at Bengaluru

In Bengaluru, the efforts have been replicated, with RK Mission at Shivanahalli and a group of villages in Nelamangala playing host to KPIT’s environmental efforts. KPIT planted and adopted 1000 saplings, over a period of two years, strengthening the buffer zones in the Bannerghatta National Park and the Nelamangala bypass corridor. Plantation activities year round engaged 437 employees, all of whom supported the initiative in collectively ensuring a more hospitable environment in our cities.

Afforestation at Nelamangala was kick started on the eve of Earth day celebration which is celebrated on 22nd April across the globe in order to demonstrate support for the environment protection. As part of this, KPIT volunteers in association with Youth For Seva visited Nelamangala (rural area) and watered around 800 saplings in order to protect the saplings already planted. This step is to conserve the forest area in order to conserve our mother earth. 20 of our volunteers actively participated in this event. This is another major initiative KPIT Bangalore stepped into the focus area of environment.

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