Tree Plantation Programs

Tree Plantation Programs
Tree Plantation Programs
On a mission to build oxygen hubs
The Initiative

KPIT joined hands with Tree Public to help reduce carbon footprint by planting native trees best known for their properties of purifying the polluted atmosphere and providing a clean and healthy environment.

Afforestation @KPIT
KPIT’s afforestation efforts resulted in 3000 more saplings being adopted at Bengaluru and Pune locations, with an overall survival rate of 80 percent. These adoption activities were organized at Nelamangala and Shivanahalli, Bengaluru and Koyna Chandoli near Pune.
We are proud to announce that each and every tree has been taken care and the survival rate is 80%
Tree Plantation Activity
Tree Plantation Activity

Creation of oxygen hubs for increasing oxygen levels
Reduction in the ever growing temperature variations
Reduction in Carbon levels
Ground Water Table level retention
Increase in Bio-diversity
Encouragement to Bird Migration

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