Conserving water through mass volunteering

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting via Farm Pond Activity
An effort towards making farmers less dependent on monsoon
Water Conservation through Mass Volunteering Initiative
Under its Water Conservation through Mass Volunteering Initiative, KPIT constructed a second fresh drinking water well in Guhini village, Pune district, Maharashtra.
About The Project
This project, intends to address the potable water scarcity for the months when the nearby natural spring dries out. It is a collaboration between KPIT, Jnana Prabodhini and the villagers of Guhini.
Through this unique three-way partnership, KPIT volunteers and the villagers contributed with funds and sweat hours in realizing this structure. As a result, the village of Guhini, with a population of 800, will now be tanker-free even in the arid months of the year.
This initiative was made possible under the able guidance of Jnana Prabodhini, KPIT’s NGO partner.
Core Highlights
The well has been constructed on the land of a generous donor, Shri. Shripati Jadhav, measuring 40 feet deep and 40 feet in diameter, with a water holding capacity of 1.1 million litres. The well was formally inaugurated and handed over by PCMC Commissioner Mr. Shravan Hardikar on 11 March, 2018.
The Background
India has a long tradition of water harvesting. Many of the traditional water harvesting systems are no longer utilized or have lost their relevance due to their inability to meet the community demands. For agrarian villages located in arid and semi-arid regions of Maharashtra, any small reduction in rainfall can jeopardize agricultural yields, drinking water supplies, and, the community’s entire existence.

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