The Clean Pune movement

Zero Garbage
Zero Garbage Drive
An initiative towards making and keeping Pune clean.
The Background

For any developing city, waste management has emerged as one of the major challenges and all the stakeholders in the society are striving hard to resolve this issue.

The Initiative

KPIT along with Janwani (the CSR wing of MCCIA, Pune) partnered with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and other stakeholders to initiate the Zero Garbage Drive in Pune. This initiative focuses on separating the organic and inorganic waste at the source level.

Along with the coordination and support of KPIT, Janwani has been successful in showing positive results of the project in all municipal wards. The total population reach has been approx. 877,000 covering about 219,478 houses. The door step collection of waste in the wards has increased from 38 percent at the beginning of the project (2011) to 74 percent at the end of current year. There has been a significant increase in the practice of wet and dry waste segregation at house-hold level which was recorded to be 31 percent at the beginning of the project and 63 percent at the end of current year. The number of community bins has been reduced from 137 to 85 (62 percent) whereas, the chronic spots of mixed garbage at the roadsides and corners of the city have been reduced from 268 to 142 (52 percent).

Within the project, Janwani along with KPIT has conducted total 1069 awareness programs in the city. These programs include street plays, puppet shows, poster presentations, multilevel meetings of the members of the Solid Waste Management system of Pune, film screenings, quiz contests etc. Janwani has presented this model to the Planning Commission of India, suggesting that the model be replicated on a nationwide scale.

Development of Technology for solid waste management

For solid waste management, the pelleting machine was developed which converts about a ton of kitchen waste to 250kg of pellets. The pellets converted out of wet garbage can be used as fuel.

The Innovation on wheels

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